A girl's guide to Depop

One of the best things about the Internet is the ability to be able to shop online. You can find all the cheapest deals in one mouse click, and browse endlessly through items at any time of the day.

One thing I really love is being able to get the best bargain I can, and with second hand apps such as Depop I can do exactly that! Available on any smartphone platform – i.e. App Store, Play Store, etc – Depop aims to make buying and selling from mobile both easy and fun. Free to download and easy to use, all you have to do is follow sellers who sell clothes you’re interested in.

For example, I love vintage items, so I simply typed ‘vintage’ into the search bar. You can then click on the ‘filter by category, size & price’ tab to refine your search to easily find what you’re looking for.

When you’ve found an item you like, why not click on the sellers name at the top of the page to check out their other items? If they seem to always be selling things you like you can give them a follow so all their items show up on your home page, making it quicker and easier to check out their uploads.

Remember Depop is like a social media app – the more people you’re following and the more followers you have the better, as more people will see your clothes.

Before you buy an item make sure you check out the sellers reviews. You can do this easily by going to their page and clicking on the stars next to the top. Like eBay, five stars means they’re a good seller, and one star means they’re not so good. Make sure to ask questions about the item too by messaging the seller or leaving a comment on the item. As this is more like a market place app, most sellers are willing to negotiate prices and you can usually get things for cheaper than the asking price.

Selling clothes on Depop is ridiculously easy too. Simply tap the ‘sell’ button at the bottom of the app, and follow the simple instructions of what to do. Make sure to take photos of your items and describe them as accurately as possible to grab the most attention and most importantly sell them faster. Depop has lots of tips on selling items so you can get the best value for your money.

When you’ve sold an item, you can either receive your payment through PayPal or through Depop wallet. PayPal is always a safe option, but if you want to use Depop wallet this means that the money that goes into your wallet will come off your next purchase. Great!

Check out my Depop page @aliceewood for items I’m selling. Make sure to check through people I’m following or items I’ve liked for things you too might like. Happy selling!

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